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SIGA wins the Family Business Award

The SIGA company

SIGA is leading in the development, production and distribution of products free from residential toxins for the air and windtight building envelopes. SIGA-sealed buildings are characterised by low heating and ventilation costs, higher standard of comfort without drafts and protection from mould.

Know-how, quality, innovation and the consistent striving for sustainability are some of the recipes for the success of the Swiss family business.

The decision-makers

The brothers, Reto and Marco Sieber ran SIGA for 23 years. On 1st January 2014, they handed over management to the new CEO, Patrick Stalder. Reto and Marco will in future focus on strategic management of the company as members of the Board of Directors.

The change in management does not have any affect on the focus of SIGA. The company will remain family-owned with a long term business policy and its own corporate culture.

Core competencies

SIGA develops and produces its products at two locations in the canton of Lucerne (Central Switzerland). The core competencies of the company are research and development, production, sales and training. 34 patents have been registered in the last 10 years.

All processes in production, administration and sales are organised according to the Toyota production system and are updated and trained every 14 days.

Personal customer contact with building and construction professionals is ensured in over 30 countries in Europe and North America by 150 field staff belonging to the company. Thus, the building and construction professional is comprehensively counselled, trained and supported in his company, at site or in the SIGA academy in Ruswil.

The Success

In the last 23 years, SIGA emerged as a very successful and well known company among builders, craftsmen, designers, architects and engineers. The staff has increased from 15 employees to over 400 employees in this time period.

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