Company history

Do you want to know how SIGA has developed in the course of the years? Then have a look at our company history.

SIGA start in a private house

In 1966 the couple Sieber-Gadient establishes the Swiss company SIGA. At the beginning kitchen and garage serve as production facility, later the hen house is converted into the second production facility with self-made coating machines.

The first SIGA tape is a binding made of synthetic leather for office supplies.

Until the late 70ies adhesive tapes for a large variety of applications in industry, office and household are developed and manufactured.

Joining of Reto Sieber

Reto Sieber, the elder of the two sons, joins the company in 1980 after completion of his business studies. He works at various stations in sales and production.

Joining of Marco Sieber and specialisation process

The younger son, Marco Sieber, joins the company in 1982, also after completion of his economic studies. At first he works in the purchasing, then in the sales department.

Reto and Marco develop a new marketing strategy. The company deliberately abandons the ample product range and focuses on a few core products primarily for the attic and roof area. In this way SIGA can develop high professional competence.

Production without any residential toxins

In 1985, all products are manufactured for the first time completely without any residential toxins. SIGA proves to be the only manufacturer able to produce adhesive products without solvents, high boilers, formaldehyde and resins.

Generation change at SIGA

In 1990 Reto and Marco Sieber take over the company and become the sole owners of SIGA AG now operating in the market as an incorporated company. Marco is responsible for the sales management, Reto for the operational management.

Twinet market launch

In 1991 the double-sided adhesive assembly-aid tape Twinet is launched onto the market. Twinet is the first product to permit easy and fast mounting of vapour control layers. This product has been part of SIGA's product range till today.

Building of a factory in Schachen, Switzerland

In 1992 the first large production facility with its own laboratory is built in Schachen, near Lucerne. The products are ecologically manufactured with rain water. Also production waste is effectively used for thermal energy generation.

Rissan product launch

SIGA Rissan, a new product with a great future, is launched onto the market in 1994. Already now it is in great demand as an innovative high-performance adhesive tape for the special requirements of circular penetrations in the interior.

Sicrall product launch

SIGA Sicrall launched in 1997 is the next high-performance product put on the market which becomes quickly established and sets new standards for bonding overlaps in the interior.

SIGA on the growth curve and the construction of the factory in Ruswil, Switzerland

When in 2000 the new product SIGA Primur, a permanently elastic high-performance adhesive compound for joints to masonry, is launched, the market was already waiting for it.

The company grows quickly and consistently. The production in Schachen reaches its capacity limit. A second production facility with laboratory, offices and an own training centre is built in nearby Ruswil.

Quite large expansions in Switzerland as well as in Germany and Austria follow.

Completion of specialisation process

In 2004 SIGA decides to focus on products for the air and windtight, energy-saving building envelope and enhance its position in this market. For this reason SIGA sells the flooring sector to Uzin Utz AG. Marco Sieber becomes a member of the board of directors there.

Corvum product launch

With SIGA Corvum a niche product is launched in 2005 which is absolutely new in the market and offers the user unrivalled advantages. The prefolded high-performance tape permits accurate and quick sealing of corners and edges.

Wigluv product launch

In August 2006 another new product is launched onto the market. By introducing Wigluv SIGA puts the first high-performance adhesive tape for the exterior on the market. It is the first tape to combine three important properties: It is flexible, impermeable to water and at the same time particularly diffusible.

New production

In 2007 a new, state-of-the-art production facility with sophisticated coating and packaging lines is put into operation in Ruswil. It also includes the complete logistics handling system. The new production facility reaches a multiple of the capacity of the old plant and enables an efficient production process. But SIGA also continues to attach great importance to the ecological concept: Systems for heat recovery, waste water cleaning and utilisation of rain water complete the new building.


Opening-up of new markets

The demand for SIGA products is increasing also abroad, and that is why SIGA develops its sales organisations in further European countries.

The Toyota-Production-System

Due to the introduction of the "Toyota-Production-System“ production and service processes are optimised and streamlined. In addition it is possible to respond to special customer requirements with more flexibility.


SIGA becomes a system provider and launches a lot of innovative, new products

By introducing the vapour control layer Majpell in 2008, SIGA, in connection with its high-performance adhesives, becomes a system provider, but continues to guarantee permanent sealing of all vapour control layers customary in the market.

In addition, the high-performance primer Dockskin and the products Wigluv and Rissan in the new widths 100 and 150 mm are put on the market. With these products SIGA offers an unrivalled solution for strengthening sandy and fibrous substrates as regards adhesiveness, application temperatures, ecology and price.

But that's not all. Thanks to the introduction of Wigluv black also black facade membranes can now be permanently and reliably sealed.

SIGA opens up new fields of application in farming, gardening and hobby with the multifunctional high-performance adhesive tape SIGA Farmer.



SIGA Academy

Bosses and foremen are being trained intensively at the new "SIGA Academy" training centre since 2002. The practice-oriented training focuses on preventing damages to the building by ensuring proper sealing. By training under conditions that exist at construction sites, the participants learn how to work quickly and reliably and how to have an edge over their competitors.

Even planners, architects, engineers as well as building and energy consultants are offered programs that are tailored to their requirements. A diversified, practical-oriented program awaits the participants at the SIGA Academy.


SIGA workshops

SIGA trains over 20,000 building and construction professionals and employees in the building material trade every year in workshops that last for about three hours. The workshops are either conducted at the application facility or at SIGA dealerships and are conducted by competent SIGA application advisors.

Majcoat product launch

The driving rain-proof and diffusion-open breathable membrane Majcoat was launched in the market in 2009. The breathable membrane is perfectly suitable for creating a permanently windtight building envelope.


Majvest product launch

The sturdy and rainproof membrane Majvest provides for permanently windtight facades on the outside. With a width of 3 m and the practical cutting and bonding aid, Majvest can be applied very efficiently.


SIGA Primur roll product launch

The high-performance adhesive compound Primur Roll can easily, quickly and safely be used for various joints inside and outside. Ventilation holes in the carton and intermediate layers protect the rolls during transport and storage, so that the on-site application is easier and consumes less time.

Short films

How is a roof renovated from the outside, how is a softboard glued quickly and cleanly? In addition to the tried and tested instructions for use, since 2010 SIGA is providing short films on all the joint details at


Product launch

Vapour control layer Majpell 5, now available in widths of 3 metres as well. Suitable for all common constructions, sturdy, flexible and dimensionally stable.

In addition, SIGA now offers the solvent-free high-performance primer Dockskin in 4 kg containers. Particularly useful for larger buildings.

Market entry in many European countries

The demand for SIGA products is increasing. The renovation of buildings, the trend toward saving energy and economic stimulus packages are generating additional growth. SIGA is therefore expanding its sales organisation into many European countries. Through its application advisors, SIGA is closely associated with its customers and provides the best service, technical support and hands-on trainings.


Promotional campaign for Norway and US

Even building and construction professionals in Norway and US can find a lot of valuable technical information such as application films, instructions for use, schematics, performance descriptions and much more at or at


New dimension for Sicrall

From May 2011 onwards, Sicrall 150 is available for airtight sealing of injection holes and large leaks with the new ideal width of 170 mm. Thus large injection holes can also be sealed in an airtight manner.


Optimisation Twinet

The popular, double-sided assembly-aid tape Twinet has been provided with an improved, tearproof film-backing strip.



Expansion of capacity

A new coating plant is being commissioned in Ruswil. The highest quality can be constantly guaranteed through innovation and a high degree of automation and the capacity can be significantly increased. In addition, the packaging line has been expanded using a highly-developed automation system. Even here, a significant increase of capacity along with high quality has been achieved.

With our automatic warehousing system and new docking stations for trucks, the significantly high flow of material is efficiently handled and an average inventory turnover of less than 5 days is achieved.

SIGA focuses on ecological technologies and materials. In this regard, the cooling has been enhanced by using a very efficient and low-energy cooling system and the heat recovery system of the coating units has also been expanded. The production building is heated in a eco-friendly manner using the exhaust air.


Fentrim 20 and Fentrim 2 product launch

With the high-performance adhesive tapes Fentrim 20 and 2, SIGA has been providing a perfect and clean solution since 2012 for window fitters for installing the window joint to the masonry.


Nail sealing tape II

The new, double-sided and highly adhesive SIGA nail sealing tape II made of special foam that is 44 mm thick, is easy and quick to use and provides reliable protection against water ingression and thus prevents damages to buildings. The tape provides additional reliability to the building and construction professionals.

Family Business Award

SIGA Holding AG wins the Family Business Award in September 2013 placing us among the most sustainable family enterprises in Switzerland.


Product launch Fentrim IS 20 and 2

The new Fentrim IS without a perforated plastering zone is the perfect supplement to the successful Fentrim product line with a perforated zone: Fentrim IS is ideal for the bonding of window and door frames that are going to be covered, for example by thermal insulation or window sills. Fentrim IS is available in widths of 75, 100, 150 and 200 mm.


Product launch Wigluv 20/40 

Wigluv 20/40 is launched in 2013. The proven SIGA Wigluv high-performance adhesive tape was further developed with a particularly tear-proof and slit backing strip. Outside corner bonds, as used for wooden window joints or for angular penetrations, can now be bonded by the craftsman particularly precisely and quickly. As always, Wigluv combines three important properties in wind-tight adhesion:
It is flexible, impermeable to water and at the same time particularly diffusible.

Patrick Stalder is the new CEO

The two SIGA owners, Marco and Reto Sieber, hand over operative management of the company to the new CEO Patrick Stalder in January 2014. Reto and Marco Sieber will in future concentrate on strategic management as members of the Board of Directors.

SIGA invests

SIGA invests some 30 million Swiss Francs in a corporate guest house, a new office building, production facilities and a photovoltaic power plant.

SIGA Guest House

The new guest house has 75 rooms. SIGA uses the corporate hotel to accommodate customers during their stay at the SIGA Academy. Company employees who come to Ruswil for basic training or to attend conferences will also be able to stay at the guest house.

Office extension

The office building  is extended to include 25 additional training, conference and office rooms. 60 new jobs are created.

Open Day

Around 1700 guests visit SIGA on Saturday, 28th June 2014 to find out more about our fascinating business activities, methods of working and corporate culture. The new SIGA guest house attracts a lot of visitors.


Product launch Majcoat SOB

The SIGA Majcoat roof underlay and membrane is equipped with the SIGA high-performance adhesive at the overlap. Craftsmen can process the roof membrane with Majcoat SOB, even quicker and in the most adverse of weather conditions. The driving rain-proof and diffusion-open roof underlay and membrane is perfectly suitable for creating a permanently wind-tight building envelope. Majcoat SIGA ON BOARD



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