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Majrex® ensures better safety for every construction even when moisture levels are high, for example after screed has been laid or when walls are freshly plastered, and also when the structure is subjected to extreme moisture during use.

Thanks to Hygrobrid® technology, moisture development within the structure is minimised and moisture transport out of the structure is maximised.

Your advantages

increased safety in every construction
dimensionally stable
can be laid quickly and without wrinkles
printed cutting and laying aid
time saving

Majrex 1.5m

Article no. 8310-150050
Length/ roll: 50 m
Width: 1.5 m
Area tot.: 75 m2
Packaging unit: 1 roll
Pallet: 30 rolls
Weight: 13.5 kg
Material: Modified PE/PA reinforced with PET fibres
Thickness: 0.3 mm
Standard: CE, EN 13984, type A
sd value: Hygrobrid® technology with a directional and variable sd value of 0.8 - 35 m
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