New SIGA products are created in the laboratory after extensive tests and many years of research.
New SIGA products are created in the laboratory after extensive tests and many years of research.

Research and development

SIGA is the forerunner in the development and production of innovative products around the air and windtight building envelope. The demands and requests of the market and highest quality standards are decisive for our work. SIGA is always one step ahead to be able to offer our customers only the best.

Research, development and quality controls are performed in two company laboratories. Dependent on the place of use and the job specifications the products have different properties which must be individually taken into account. For example, ageing of the products is simulated or their storability tested at regular intervals.

SIGA attaches great importance to its own research and development. Contrary to competitors, who act as quasi-manufacturers, we as manufacturer know exactly what is contained in our products, and that they fulfill their function throughout the entire life of a house. So you can reliably avoid damage to your building.

Thanks to the unique quality assurance at SIGA only absolutely high-quality products leave our house; this is guaranteed by more than 30,000 tests per year.

Already since 1985 all SIGA high-performance adhesive tapes and compounds have been free from solvents, high boilers, resins, chlorine, plasticizers and formaldehyde (VOC).

The SIGA Early Warning System

Thanks to the unique SIGA prewarning system any modifications and new developments in the field of vapour control layers, substrates, breathable membranes and facade membranes customary in the market are systematically recorded and taken into account in the further development of the SIGA products. Within this system we continuously test any imaginable combination of our adhesives with substrates. That is why we can guarantee that in case of application according to the SIGA instructions for use our high-performance adhesives adhere permanently to all commercially available substrates and thus offer you an open system.

On that you can be sure: with the innovative SIGA products you always meet the state-of-the-art standards of technology and ecology.

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